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Explore the innovative InvisiHead Technology we employ in our Elmosa Seawater Intake and Outfall Systems. This proactive technology significantly curtails operational expenses, setting a new standard in the industry.

The InvisiHead seawater intake velocity cap is selected by the US EPA consultants as the best technology available. The system’s added costs are marginal, and it is usually less expensive and more economical than the conventional systems. It is ideal to be installed in areas designated as fragile and critical such as spawning grounds or special habitats. It is self-operating and no maintenance is required to keep the system in operation.


  • Marine Biomass Habitat: The InvisiHead serves as a conducive habitat for marine biomass, showcasing an exquisite example of coexistence while delivering high-quality flow.
  • Hurricane Resilience: With a robust, stable, and durable structure, it has withstood Category 5 hurricanes in the Caribbean since 2006, ensuring reliability in extreme conditions.

Modeling Applications:

  • Dredging Turbidity Modeling: Efficiently disperses mining and dredging turbidity, backed by US EPA VP MU3.
  • Desalination Brine Dispersion: Aided by US EPA VP UM3 for seawater desalination brine dispersion modeling.
  • Thermal Diffusion and Decay: Utilizes US EPA VP UM3 for thermal diffusion and decay modeling.
  • Wastewater Dispersion: Engage in precise wastewater dispersion modeling using US EPA VP UM3.

Comparative Advantages:

InvisiHead outshines conventional wedgewire T-screen intakes, which are rendered ineffective by zebra mussels. Enjoy an O&M-free operation with no accumulated operational costs, thanks to its proactive design. Better performance with high quality flow delivery sets InvisiHead apart, ensuring a reliable and superior operation.

Massive accumulation of biomass sticking to the Invisihead™™ surface without impacting system performance. The Invisihead™™ becomes a welcoming habitat for spawning grounds and fragile environments.

A Resilient and Cost-Effective Seawater Intake System

“When it comes to seawater intake systems, one of our primary concerns has always been the potential impact of biofouling, especially from Zebra mussels. This concern often led us to explore costly construction materials to mitigate this issue. However, the InvisiHead™ system changed the game for us. InvisiHead performance is not affected by the attachment of Zebra mussels, so no special materials of construction are required where Zebra mussels are present.’ This not only reduced our material costs but also provided us with a resilient and efficient seawater intake solution. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”

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