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Seawater intake and outfall systems that are low cost, no maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Elmosa Seawater intake system design
The InvisiHead seawater intake velocity cap is selected by the US EPA consultants as the best technology available. The system’s added costs are marginal, and it is usually less expensive and more economical than the conventional systems. It is ideal to be installed in areas designated as fragile and critical such as spawning grounds or special habitats. It is self-operating and no maintenance is required to keep the system in operation.Our Systems are designed for:

  • Proaction rather than reaction
  • Preservation rather than eradication
  • Prevention rather than curing

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Innovative, Economical, Environmental
After many years of research and development the InvisiHead system has been optimized and produced. In Elmosa, we invested heavily in finding an alternative to open channel intake systems. We conceived and researched the idea of pre filtration at the water source. We made a breakthrough in the water intake system technology by developing a unique infiltration system. We have developed new technologies including:

  • Infiltration ™ Seawater Intake System
  • NatSep ™ Separation Basin
  • InvisiHead ™ Velocity Cap

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