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Revolutionize Your Seawater Intake Process and Diffusion with InvisiHead™ Technology

Our patented InvisiHead™ system offers unparalleled efficiency in sediment prevention, harm reduction to marine life, cost-effectiveness, and energy savings.

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Revolutionize Your Seawater Intake

The InvisiHead™ Seawater Intake and Diffuser Velocity Cap revolutionizes offshore systems with its patented omni-directional intake head, designed to minimize entrance velocity to less than 0.09 m/s. Hydraulically fine-tuned and can be equipped with a built-in anti-biofouling dispensing system, this innovative product maximizes pumping efficiency while preserving marine life.
Engineered for superior performance, the InvisiHead™ system offers low initial and maintenance costs, eliminating the need for backwash and chemical consumption. Its robust stainless steel construction makes it especially suited for challenging environments, including hurricane-prone regions, and is fully adaptable to existing systems.
Prioritizing environmental responsibility, the InvisiHead™ system is immune to oil spills and offers a highly efficient diffusing system to eliminate heat plume effects on the environment. It not only meets but exceeds global environmental standards, ensuring a high efficiency of cooling and desalination brine mixing and dilution while minimizing impact on marine ecosystems.

Benefits of the InvisiHead™ System

Environmental Safeguard: Designed to be gentle on marine life and ecosystems, reducing marine life mortality.

Efficient Operation: Low-velocity design prevents the entry of marine sediments and debris, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Energy Savings: Operates on gravity, thus reducing operational costs.

Regulatory Compliance: Meets and exceeds EPA and worldwide environmental requirements.

Cost-Effective: Lower initial installation costs and minimal maintenance expenses.

Compact Design: Suitable for limited spaces, offering more flexibility in installation sites.

Improved Water Quality: Efficiently flushes out sediments and debris and improves ecosystem health.

Easy Retrofitting: Can be easily adapted to existing systems, offering an upgrade path for older installations.

Weather Resilient: Designed to be robust and stable under all weather conditions, including storms and hurricanes.

Reduced Chemical Use: Less consumption of chemicals like chlorine due to improved water quality.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for various industries including power plants, desalination facilities, petrochemical plants, and aquaculture, district cooling, dredging turbidity control, wastewater discharge, etc.

Documented Performance: Positive testimonials and case studies, including EPA documentation, validate its effectiveness.

A Resilient and Cost-Effective Seawater Intake System

“When it comes to seawater intake systems, one of our primary concerns has always been the potential impact of biofouling, especially from Zebra mussels. This concern often led us to explore costly construction materials to mitigate this issue. However, the InvisiHead™ system changed the game for us. InvisiHead™ performance is not affected by the attachment of Zebra mussels, so no special materials of construction are required where Zebra mussels are present.’ This not only reduced our material costs but also provided us with a resilient and efficient seawater intake solution. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Power Plants: Optimize Costs & Comply with Regulations

Get EPA Approval: Our eco-centric design clears regulatory hurdles.

Save Money: Low installation and no upkeep expenses.

Be Energy Smart: Reduce electricity bills with energy-efficient tech.

Protect Marine Life: Operate responsibly.

Petrochemical Plants: Boost Efficiency, Shrink Costs

Stay Compliant: Environmentally-safe design.

Save Big: Lower installation costs (CAPEX) and no operation and maintenance expenses (OpeX).

Eco-Friendly: Reduce your environmental impact.

Desalination Plants: Quality Water, Zero Hassle

High-Quality Water: Say goodbye to sediment.

Cut Costs: Low-maintenance design equals financial freedom.

Be Green: Preserve marine ecosystems.

Aquaculture: Healthier Fish, Happier Bottom Line

Healthy Fish: Improved water quality.

Operational Savings: Slash those energy bills.

Eco-Conscious: No impact on marine life.

Research Facilities: Accurate Data, No Red Tape

Quality Assured: Consistent water for accurate results.

Permit Ease: Our eco-friendly design fast-tracks approval.

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